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HISTORY :: The Kits

Our kits are the product of research on da Vinci's life and work. The kits creator methodically chronicled da Vinci's notes on flight. Unlike many of his other inventions, da Vinci left no complete sketch to capture his vision of the flying machine. Clues were pieced together from his notes to create an elegant, painstaking replication of da Vinci's vision. The Da Vinci Flying Machine model kit, Il volo instrumentale, began as a cottage industry in the basement of original artist Robert Coyle. Quickly, the project outgrew its home, and he moved his studio to Pitt Street in Windsor. The Pitt Street studio would be home to a full-sized, 25-foot wingspan version of the model commission for a touring da Vinci show first in Niagara Falls, then at the Boston Museum of Science. The Boston Museum is now the permanent home of the model.

News of the flying machine kit travelled quickly among da Vinci afficionados, and the model found itself in unlikely forums, such as an episode of Star Trek Voyageur, The Museum Company would contract 10-foot versions of the flying machine, initially for Ceasar's Palace in Las Vegas. The company would become the first major distributor of Il Volo Instrumentale.

Today, you can find Il Volo Instrumentale and it's sister kit, La Vitae Aerea along with the highest quality reproductions of da Vinci's sketches and more right here in our online shop.

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