Your shopping ease, security and privacy are important to us. We utilize several methods of securing your information. FIRST, our online shopping system is behind a SECURE FIREWALL to ensure that the information you provide while online is private. SECOND, any sensitive information sent us is PGP ENCRYPTED on-the-fly to render the information UNREADABLE without the DECRYPTION key. THIRD, your credit card transaction is processed by Paypal. No complete Credit Card information is stored or retained.

ALL your information is kept strictly private and confidential. We do NOT share or sell your information with any third party except as necessary to process payment. We may capture implicit information from users who visit our Web site for aggregate statistical analysis and site customization. Implicit information is data that we can gather about the user without asking them. Importantly, aggregate statistical analysis means that we review trends based on information as a whole, but does not do so in an effort to identify the individual identity of the visitor to its site.

Other information such as IP addresses may be logged to track a user's session. An IP address is the unique numerical identity of your computer. When we "log" an IP address, it means that our Web site associates a visit or series of visits to that unique numerical identity. This assists us (and ultimately you) in the event of credit card fraud, should someone be attempting to use your card without your knowledge.

Our shopping cart employs various javascripts to validate information and/or write a 'cookie' to your computer. This cookie contains only the session information about what you are ordering and is used only to allow you to change the contents of the cart OR to checkout. However, if your browser is set to NOT allow javascripts OR cookies OR you are BEHIND an office firewall of your own, you may experience difficulty in ordering online with us.

We also may use cookies in order to assist in aggregate statistical analysis and sometimes provide site customization based on anonymous session tracking. In other words, we may use cookies to determine trends for users as a whole, but not as means to learn about your individual identity. Cookies, by themselves, cannot be used to determine the actual identity of users. On their own, they can be used to identify a computer, but not who is using that computer.

If you are unable to order online OR have special needs, please feel free to contact us by phone at 1.616.356.2545 or fax 1.616.356.2546. Thank You.